Drilling Enhancement Services

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Drilling enhancement tools (Tercel/Rubicon products, Sawafi Roller Reamer Services)

Sawafi drilling enhancement tools division is providing the sale/rentals, repair & maintenance of Tercel closed bearing roller reamers and the state of art Gundrill Roller Reamer for all rig operators.


Tercel/Rubicon Roller Reamer


The TorqAVENGER™ Roller Reamer is a fully customizable reaming and torque-reducing tool that improves borehole shape, size and quality. It provides stabilization by centralizing the BHA, minimizing downhole vibrations, preventing the BHA from resting on the low side of the deviated hole, and reducing BHA fatigue. Benefits for operators include longer gauge life and a reduction in NPT through more efficient reaming and back reaming compared to conventional stabilizers.




Our drilling and well construction products – many of them unique – are widely recognized for their innovation, simplicity, and effectiveness in ensuring that clients reach TD as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. We call it practical innovation. The GunDRILL Reamer provides reaming through a simple blade design that uses proprietary Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) that provide more reaming or stabilization according to the drilling and formation conditions and maintains the gauge for extended durations. TCI distribution is optimized to provide continuous reaming in longitudinal and radial directions. By replacing a standard stabilizer with the GunDRILL Reamer the client saved up to USD8m per year by eliminating the need for dedicated wiper trips throughout the Bakken Field.


Download Link (Drilling Enhancement Brochure_Rubicon)