Well Characterization

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Single-Well Chemical Tracer (SWCT)

Sawafi principle Chemical Tracers, Inc. (CTI) is a global oilfield service company focused squarely on the future of oil production and enhanced oil recovery. CTI are the world's leader in single-well chemical tracer (SWCT) test technology and applications. CTI experts have performed single-well chemical tracer tests in virtually every oil producing region of the world.


Enhanced Oil Recovery Evaluation

CTI brings enhanced oil recovery programs from the laboratory to the field and accurately evaluates their oil mobilization efficiency.


Single-Well Chemical Tracer Test

We provide a turn-key solution to clients achieve their goals, whether they chose an in situ evaluation of enhanced oil recovery programs or a more accurate measurement of residual oil or connate water saturations.



Sawafi Downhole Services

We provide downhole testing equipment for Well Testing and retrievable bridge plugs for zonal isolation to Saudi Aramco. The DH Test toolstring enables standalone operation without the need for a rig on-site during testing operations and will therefore provide substantial overall financial savings to Aramco in addition to significant improvements in the efficiency of Well Test operations. The DH Test toolstring comprises of downhole tools which can be run on Slickline, Electric line or Coiled Tubing, depending on the specific well requirements. SAWAFI DH Test toolstring allows Optimum wellbore data due to our ability to set The Downhole Shut in Tool as close as possible to the payzone. All these services are available for operation in extreme H2S conditions and high temperature applications.


The DH Test Toolstring Consists Of


  • Setting Tool
  • Gauge Hanger (With Memory Gauges)
  • Downhole Shut in Tool
  • Retrievable Bridge Plug / Packer
  • Shock Absorber
  • Memory Gauges