Sawafi drilling enhancement tools division provides sale/rental, repair & maintenance services for Tercel closed bearing roller reamers and the state of art Gundrill Roller Reamer for all rig operators.

Electrical Submersible Pumps

Sawafi manufactures artificial lift solutions for the Saudi Arabian market, delivering global technology leading fit-for-purpose Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) systems that minimize artificial lifting and fluid transfer costs, and maximize return on investment.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

As partners with both the world leader in Single-Well Chemical Tracer (SWCT) technology, with an extensive testing portfolio performing single-well chemical tracer tests in both offshore and onshore environments, and the global pioneers of polymer flooding, leveraging innovative polymer and surfactant technologies to improve oil and gas field production, Sawafi brings the best minds from industry together in enhanced oil recovery.

Stuck Tubulars Release Service

Our vibration technology is the most cost-effective means of stuck pipe recovery currently available to the industry. We utilize acoustic theory to transmit standing wave resonant energy over long intervals of pipe in oil and gas wells and has developed proprietary equipment and procedures that are highly effective in the recovery of stuck pipe from wells. The technology, which has mainly been focused on the field of stuck pipe recovery in drilling, completion and workover applications can also be applied to primary cementing through improved hole cleaning as well as the maintenance of hydrostatic head during the curing phase.

Mud Engineering

Sawafi provides customized mud engineering & drilling & completion fluids services solutions with demonstrated technical capabilities and a team of highly experienced and motivated drilling fluids engineers, to supply drilling fluids systems both for drilling and workover activities.

We have successfully implemented a wide range of Drilling Fluid Systems including: