Sawafi achieves results in the most demanding operating environments.

Completion Products & Services

Sawafi achieves results in the most demanding operating environments. We offer a wide range of integrated completion technologies. These include robust sand control using premium and wire wrap sand screens, Zonal Isolation offering a range of swellable and mechanical packer technologies designed to prevent fluid communication between individual reservoir sections, a specialized range of inflow control solutions, Wireless Completions technology for measurement of downhole and inflow control, turnkey reservoir monitoring - from hardware and field services to advanced software solutions and interpretation expertise, high efficiency integrated multi-stage hydraulic fracturing systems and Specialty Production Enhancement Fluids to enhance reservoir recovery and optimize stimulation.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

As partners with both the world leader in Single-Well Chemical Tracer (SWCT) technology CTI, with an extensive testing portfolio performing single-well chemical tracer tests in both offshore and onshore environments, and the global pioneers of Polymer Flooding, leveraging innovative Polymer and Surfactant technologies to improve oil and gas field production, Sawafi brings the industries best minds together in Enhanced Oil Recovery.